Rabu, 05 September 2012

I'm Baaaaaaaack!


I haven't been updating this blog for so long, I can't even remember. I even almost forgot the password for this blog! I went through my old blog posts, and I laughed a lot. I can't believe I wrote them! But after that, I sort of miss writing in this blog. This blog is really different than all the other sites I have (geez, I just realised I handle too many websites! Well, I'm being anonymous in some of those websites, but still), and I really think I should keep this blog alive.

And by the way, I really did make that book blog I brought up in previous posts. It's called Bibliophlic Bipolar, and it's been really fun writing in that blog. There, I post reviews, random articles about books, challenge, almost anything related to literature. It has its own audience, even though it's not that much. Like I said, this book has been really useful because I can meet a lot great people and be friends with them. Now, reading books is no longer a passive experience, because I can say what I like about that book and what I don't, so people who also read that book can say what they think and that way, discussion opens.

I hope Speedy can help me write more on this blog by working like what the company named it after. My modem has been acting up for so long, I'm starting to think my English teacher taught me wrong about the meaning of "Speedy".


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